All About Us are a professional web design and marketing company that helps a wide variety of businesses and organizations maximize their internet potential. We are a group of dedicated individuals that have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of internet technology.

No we're not. We're just a single person working as a freelancer.

What's the point of this thing?
The entire thing serves as a sub-site, rather than just it's own page on I wanted this section to look like a web development company. Not just some guy who does freelance work in his spare time. In truth, that is what I am. But if you weren't reading this right now, you probably wouldn't know that right away. An astonishing number of web development companies out there are exactly the same, but they don't tell you that. They would have you believe they are much bigger than they really are.

The difference between them and me, is that I'll tell you the truth about it up front.

This entire sub-site (and it IS a complete site), was built over the course of about a week. I got some ideas from various web design companies out there, and got to work. The code on this is 100% mine. Aside from some jQuery. But that doesn't really count.
The point is, this is what can be accomplished in about a week of working on off hours.

But anyone can build a website!
Many people are going to tell you, "Anyone can build a website." This is true. Who am I to deny that? Anyone can go to Wix, download a template, and put a logo on it, and voila! A site! A site with someone else's branding on it. Usually a lot of someone else's ads too. You may notice that I run some content driven Google ads right here on this page. I can pretty much guarantee that both of them are currently showing something about exactly the types of sites I'm referring to. And I'm not doing anything to filter them out. Why? Because I want people to see them. And, well, so do they. I'll even make it easier for you... Here is a handy Google Search result. Go ahead and try a few of those sites. I'll wait...
Anyway... Those are options for the average person who wants a site, and doesn't want to hire someone to build it. More usually, these are also people who have no interest in learning how to do the work. They just want something done quickly that is cheap or free, and easy to maintain.

Alternately, you could hire a company or individual to build a site for you. Anyone can get a copy of Visual Studio, and grab one of the zillions of templates out there, and build a site that way. You can literally get a functional site up and running without writing a single line of code. But what good is that going to do you when you want to actually DO something with it? Like, customize it, add new graphics, change things around, add new functionality, etc...

Anyone can go to Wordpress and pull down a completely functional site, complete with a control panel and content management system. Then they can charge you $7000 as if they actually did all that work themselves. And then you also find out that you now have this completed site, without taking into account that there is no sort of flexibility with the template. No custom programming. You get what it is, and that's that. Then the person that just sold you that whole thing now walks away and says, "oh, you can maintain it from here."

What does all this mean?
I'm not going to spend any more time bashing all these other web design people. Whatever. To each their own. All I can tell you is what I can offer you. I am extremely well versed in web technology. My preference leans toward Linux and PHP, but I have no problem working with ASP on Windows servers. I can work in Visual Studio, or any other large size framework, but prefer not to. I think those things have their purpose, like REALLY large sites with store fronts and shopping carts. But for local business, that sort of thing is bloated and WAY overkill.

What I really specialize in is "rescuing" existing sites. That is, sites that were done and released, but not done very well. Like, they are all static HTML, with no CSS, or central modules. These sorts of sites can be very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. I can take your site, and rebuild it the way it should have been done. Plus, I'll make it mobile friendly too.